Vusi Kunene ‘Funani’ and Londeka Mchunu ‘Zanele’ to Exit House of Zwide

Funani and Zanele are leaving House of Zwide

Vusi Kunene and Londeka Mchunu to Depart from House of Zwide: Unveiling the Reasons In an unexpected development, viewers of the popular South African drama House of Zwide will soon have to say farewell to two of its standout characters.

Vusi Kunene, who plays the formidable Funani Zwide, and Londeka Mchunu, known for her role as the dynamic Zanele Zwide, are set to exit the show. This news has left fans in a state of shock, eager to understand the motivations behind these departures.

 Why Vusi Kunene is Leaving

Vusi Kunene, a revered figure in South African television, has brought incredible depth to his portrayal of Funani Zwide. The actor is leaving the show to pursue new opportunities and challenges. Those close to Kunene suggest he wants to diversify his acting roles and explore projects that test his creative limits.


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"Vusi is an artist who thrives on growth and new experiences. Although he has enjoyed his time on House of Zwide, he believes it's time to move on and tackle roles that further highlight his talent," an insider shared.

The Reasons Behind Londeka Mchunu's Departure

Londeka Mchunu, who has captivated audiences with her portrayal of Zanele Zwide, is also leaving the show. Her decision is driven by her desire for personal growth and career expansion. Mchunu plans to broaden her acting skills and explore opportunities behind the scenes.

"Londeka has always been passionate about all aspects of storytelling. Her departure is a move towards expanding her horizons within the entertainment industry," a source close to Mchunu revealed.

Effects on House of Zwide

The exit of these two pivotal characters will bring significant changes to the House of Zwide storyline. The show's producers assure fans that although the absence of Funani and Zanele will be deeply felt, they are committed to continuing to deliver compelling storylines.

"The departure of Vusi Kunene and Londeka Mchunu marks a significant shift for the House of Zwide. We are profoundly grateful for their immense contributions and the magic they've brought to the show. As we say goodbye to them, we are excited to introduce new characters that will keep our viewers engaged," said the executive producer.

As fans brace for these changes, the legacies of Funani and Zanele Zwide will undoubtedly remain a beloved part of House of Zwide's history.


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