Nhlamulo and Vuvu’s Romantic Honey-Moon Ends in a Loss of Life

 "Nhlamulo's Shocking Exit: Scandal’s Most Heartbreaking Plot Twist Yet"

"Nhlamulo's Shocking Exit: Scandal’s Most Heartbreaking Plot Twist Yet"
"Nhlamulo's Shocking Exit: Scandal’s Most Heartbreaking Plot Twist Yet"
The upcoming exit of the cherished character Nhlamulo, played by the gifted Matthews Rantsoma, from the renowned Scandal series has left fans in a state of shock. 

Audiences were eagerly awaiting Nhlamulo and Vuvu's much-anticipated honeymoon, but the forthcoming episodes will reveal a plot twist that will astonish viewers.

The romantic trip meant to celebrate the couple's union, takes a tragic and unexpected turn when Nhlamulo faces a sudden and shocking demise. 

This heart-wrenching event is set to be one of the most memorable and impactful moments in the history of Scandal, significantly affecting the show's narrative and the lives of the other characters.


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For the devoted fans who have followed Nhlamulo’s story, the secrecy surrounding his abrupt departure has heightened the emotional impact of this crucial development. Nhlamulo’s death will undoubtedly serve as a key moment in the series, profoundly influencing future storylines.

Although fans are saddened by Matthews’ decision to leave the show to pursue other opportunities, has expressed its support for the actor, wishing him success in his future endeavors.

Matthews’ depiction of Nhlamulo has enthralled viewers, often leading them to believe he shares his character’s romantic and charming qualities. However, the actor has made it clear that he and his character are quite different in their approaches to life and relationships.

As the Scandal audience prepares for the emotional upheaval and narrative changes following Nhlamulo’s tragic end, the show's producers and the network have assured fans that this pivotal moment will leave a lasting impact on the series, promising a dramatic and unforgettable conclusion to the character’s storyline.


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Scandal! to Air Daily

Starting this weekend, loyal fans of’s weekday soap Scandal! will be treated to daily episodes as the show makes history in South African television by expanding to a seven-day broadcast schedule. 

For over twenty years, Scandal! has engaged audiences with its gripping storytelling and iconic characters. Going forward, viewers can look forward to even more excitement.


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