Ronaldo is out of Euro 2024 after 5-4 Penalty Defeat from France

For the first time in his career, Cristiano Ronaldo has failed to score at a major international tournament. 

◉ 2004 EUROs (2)
◉ 2006 World Cup (1)
◉ 2008 EUROs (1)
◉ 2010 World Cup (1)
◉ 2012 EUROs (3)
◉ 2014 World Cup (1)
◉ 2016 EUROs (3)
◉ 2018 World Cup (4)
◉ 2020 EUROs (5)
◉ 2022 World Cup (1)
◎ 2024 EUROs (0)

The record-breaking streak is over. 


Ronaldo is out of the EURO 2024
Ronaldo is out of the EURO 2024
Pepe in Tears

In a heart-wrenching scene, Pepe is consoled by Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal's crushing defeat to France in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals. The loss is especially poignant for the veteran defender, who, at over 40 years old, is likely playing in his final international tournament.

Throughout the tournament, Pepe has been a pillar of strength for Portugal, showcasing his defensive prowess and leadership. His exceptional performances have been a testament to his enduring skill and dedication, making him a key figure in Portugal's campaign despite the ultimate disappointment.

As he stands on the field with tears streaming down his face, the emotional weight of the moment is palpable. Cristiano Ronaldo's comforting presence underscores the deep bond between the two players, who have shared countless moments of triumph and heartache. Though the tournament ends in sorrow, Pepe's legacy as one of Portugal's finest defenders remains unblemished, and he can take pride in his contributions to the team.


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