BREAKING: Scandal! Is Now Set To Air 7 Days a Week On Your Screen


BREAKING: Scandal! will be broadcast on your screen every day of the week.
BREAKING: Scandal! will be broadcast on your screen every day of the week.

In a bold move, South Africa's cherished soap opera, Scandal!, is set to captivate audiences by expanding its broadcast schedule to seven days a week. This change will bring even more of its iconic mix of high-stakes drama, intricate relationships, and tantalizing intrigue, making it a daily must-watch for fans across the country.

For years, Scandal! has been a cultural sensation, drawing viewers in with storylines that explore the complexities of human connections, the gritty realities of crime, family dynamics, and the entanglements of love and betrayal. The transition to a daily broadcast schedule will enhance its storytelling, offering an even more immersive experience for its audience.

The announcement from, the network behind Scandal!, has sent waves of excitement through the South African TV landscape. Loyal fans can now enjoy an uninterrupted flow of their favorite characters, dramatic plot twists, and emotional highs and lows, as the show becomes a daily fixture in their lives.

Scandal!'s lasting appeal lies in its ability to tackle multifaceted themes that mirror the diverse fabric of South African society. With the expanded schedule, the show will delve deeper into these themes, providing a richer and more nuanced portrayal of the human condition. 


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The talented writers, directors, and actors will have more opportunities to develop intricate storylines and explore the emotional journeys of the characters. Keeping its primetime slot at 7:30 pm, Scandal! ensures it remains a central part of viewers' daily routines. This strategic timing solidifies its role as a staple of South African television.

As Scandal! embarking on this new chapter, viewers can anticipate an even more captivating and immersive experience. Its power to entertain, engage, and provoke deep emotional responses has earned it a devoted following, and the seven-day format is set to strengthen that bond.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to Scandal!, the upcoming changes promise an even more compelling and addictive viewing experience. Prepare to be drawn into the intricate web of relationships, high-stakes drama, and intriguing plots that have made Scandal! a beloved institution in South African television.


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