Skeem Saam 05 May 2024 Full Episode (Script)


Mr kgomo and Eunice
Mr Kgomo & Eunice


EUNICE: Your suite, it suits you, sir.

MR KGOMO: Thank you, Eunice

(Melita walks in and Stares and Mr. Kgomo & Eunice while they are hugging)

Skeem Saam 05 May 2024 Episode 243

Commander: Sergeant is our police station on fire?

Babeile: No, I apologize for calling you so early, sir. I didn’t sleep at all last night.

So I’ll start by going to the hospital before work.

Commander: So you woke me up to tell me this rubbish Babeile? How far are

you with the files I gave you yesterday? 

Babeile: Let's discuss that when I get to work. Bye, sir.

(Babeile then goes to his chart to write serial killer on Rathebe’s picture)

(Pax is calling Ntswaki, early in the morning)

Ntswaki: Pax.

Pax: Hey, Ntswaki.

Ntswaki: So you are only calling just now?

Pax: Look, I wanted to give you space. I thought you were lying low. Okay, it's

fine, I'm sorry I took so long to check up on you.

Ntswaki: Whatever Pax.

Pax: No, don't be like that I'm worried about you. I can bring you my schoolwork

so that you can catch up. 

Ntswaki: No, I don't have the energy for that but thank you for calling me. Bye.

(Ntswaki drops the phone and then kneels and begins to pray)

Eunice: Luke Melita I don't have the energy for this Mr Kgomo and I adjust colleagues

Melita: Oh colleagues who shop and eat together? 

Eunice: It's called shopping kindness something that you know nothing about.

Melita: Obed will always be mine so stop wasting your time and stop playing games 

Eunice: I can't believe you are not ashamed of yourself you are posting of

being someone's side chick.

Melita: Listen here I will wipe that smile off your face with a slap right now.

Obed tried to save me and almost lost his life and he left his family for me.

So if you try to take that away from me I will freeze you over little girl.

Eunice: Everyone knows here in Polokwane that you are the biggest

mistake Obed has ever made in his life.

Melita: So are you saying that you are the one who is perfect for him?

Is that the reason why you bring him lunch boxes with food? Starting

from tomorrow I will bring Mr Kgomo lunch so stop bringing him your

stupid lunch boxes.

(Babeile interrupts them by asking, where is Dr. Thobakgale?)

Skeem Saam
Lizzy from Skeem Saam

(Toby opens the door after the knock)

Mam Evelyn: Mr Desando, good morning. Can I help you

Mr Desando: Can I come in?

Mam Evelyn: Yes, yes come in sir?

Mr Desando: Is this your son?

Mam Evelyn: Yes this is my son Tobias Maswahla but people call him Toby.

Mr Desando: Mam Maswahla when are you planning to come back to work?

Mam Evelyn: Sir, I'm so sorry I know my behavior’s been unruly. 

Mr Desando: I understand but your son's thrown you into the deep end.

I just want to know, if you'll come back to work.

Mam Evelyn: Yes if my work’s not compromised in any way. I hope this

encounter has not affected my job.

Mr Desando: We will see ma'am. You boy did you meet in Ntswaki at

Turf High? When you went to visit your mom?

Toby: No. The first time I met Ntswaki was at the Maputla house. I was

delivering food. The second time we met was at Charles Kunutu’s shop.

The other time was when she lied about being a University student.

Mr Desando: Ma'am thank you for your time. I'll see you at work.

Mam Evelyn: Thank you, sir. 

(Toby opens the door again)

Rathebe: I don't understand so this whole country is a joke? That wig and phone

snatcher was released on R500 bail this morning.

Tsheola: Sorry Sergeant. I saw her boyfriend post bail. That man is a crook.

Actually, I think he is the mastermind. 

Rathebe: Why do you say that? 

Tsheola: That dude! He scolded her and shoved her into the car. I think that

guy is an abuser.

Rathebe: And you did nothing to Tsheola? 

Tsheola: Whoa! There is no law for a couple that is arguing. 

(Commander walks in, and greets everyone)

Commander: Babeile still hasn't come in yet? He said he would start by

going to the hospital first.

Tsheola: No commander he has not yet come. 

(Tsheola to Rathebe: I don't think Babeile is sick. He might have gone to

Dr Thobakgale about Luc)

Rathebe: Why do you say that?

Tsheola: He's so Bullet Mabuza's video Exposing a guy who turned out

to be Luc. That's shocking, right?

Rathebe: Yes. I have to go. I’ll see you later.

Mapitsi: Please wish me luck today we will be talking about consensual

sex on the radio station.

Tbose: I don't think that's a good idea.

Mapitsi: Why not? It is an important subject.

Tbose: Yes but.. Phumeza didn't mention Ntswaki. But if you discuss it,

people will know it’s her. And this is a family matter. We don't want the

public to know about it. 

Mapitsi: I hear you and understand, but don't worry. I will not mention

anyone's name it will just be for educational purposes only.

(Phumeza walks in and wants to speak to Ntswaki, but is denied by Tbose

and Mapitsi.)

Babeile: I'm here to talk about Lucy. 

Dr. Thobakgale: Have you arrested that animal?

Babeile: Not yet but we have a lead. 

Dr. Thobakgale: A lead? After all this time, all you have is a lead? Clearly

this case is not a priority to you. 

Babeile: Don't worry doctor it is a priority. Please look at this picture

is this him Luc? 

Dr. Thobakgale: Yes it is him. 

Babeile: He is still scamming people. He even ran away after scamming

people in Mpumalanga. 

(Rathebe watches Babeile and Dr. Thobakgale as they discuss the Luc issue)

Skeem saam
Mantuli from skeem saam
Mantuli: My daughter is going through a rough patch after being in a toxic relationship. I think she is depressed and counseling might help her. 

Ivy: Tell me this was it Togo who suggested counseling to you? 

Mantuli: I don't think she knows what is good for her at the moment

because she is a mess. 

Ivy: The only way this process is going to work is when she is willing

to do it. 

(Turf High with Mr Desando)

Mr Desando: This school will be a bad example, we are only halfway

into the year and this school is already doing better things. No, any other

school embarrasses me like this one. You are already getting media attention.

Tell your learners to stop pasting the school on social media. 

Carol: We hope so to say. Can I ask a question? what will happen to

the deputy principal position?

Mr Desando: Mam Maswahla Is going through a difficult time so as

her colleague you can't go after her job like this. She has not been

accused of anything it's only her son. They didn't meet in the school

premises Ntswaki and Toby's case should be fine. 

Dr. Thobakgale: Hey Lizzy I heard that Babeile was here asking about Luc,

please don't talk to him anymore he's trying to steal my case so that people

will praise him.

Dr. Thobakgale: Oh I see that's why he was here earlier, don't worry I

won’t talk to him anymore.

Commander: Why is Rataba not at her desk?

Tsheola:  Oh she left to attend the case that you gave her in the morning.

Commander: Oh yes I am glad to see someone taking the work I

give them seriously.

Babeile: Commander please give me this case of Luc I promise I will catch

him in a week.

Commander: I have a signed due to admin work baby so Focus on that. 


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