Mr Kgomo From Skeem Saam Was Angry at Dr. Hlongwane After he chowed the food Cooked by Melita

Skeem Saam is SABC 1's educational weekly soapie with Mr. Kgomo, the hospital superintended, who recently divorced his wife Ivy. Because of this, he is no longer used to a home-cooked meal.

Eunice who was recently hired by Mr. Kgomo started to bring lunch boxes for her boss as a token of appreciation. 

Mr. Kgomo and Eunice's relationship caused people to raise their eyebrows in the workplace. What people don't know is that their relationship is just an employer-employee relationship.

Mr. Kgomo's ex-mistress  Melita suspected that Eunice and Mr. Kgomo were in a relationship. Melita took matters into her own hands by threatening Eunice to break things off or else there would be trouble.

Melita then went to the extent of cooking the best meal for Mr Kgomo hoping to win him back. She wants another chance from Mr. Kgomo.

Funny twist Mr Kgomo's colleague Dr. Hlongwane ended up eating the food cooked by Melita. He was fisting and enjoying the food.

Surprisingly Mr. Kgomo was angry at Dr. Hlongwane for eating his food. Fans suggested that the anger was fueled by Mr Kgomo's feelings for Melita.


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