"The Intellectual Tutoring Academy" Official Launch | By Nkulumo Ndhlovu

 The Intellectual Tutoring Academy

Welcome to the Virtual Tutoring Program "The Intellectual Tutoring Academy" by Nkulumo Ndhlovu, popularly known as "The Intellectual" or "Nkulumo The Student Actuary". 

Need Help With Your Academics?

Nkulumo The Student Actuary is prepared to help you get better grades!

Maths and Science Made Easier!

"Excellence is the new status!"

Registration fee: R60
Price: R200 Per Month
Contact: 071 437 8395 [WhatsApp]

Please Note: To Join Contact The Number Above, and join a group of students who are ready to have their minds elevated beyond comprehension.

The Intellectual Tutoring Academy Poster, you'll find all needed info here
The Intellectual Tutoring Academy Poster

This is what Nkulumo had to say on his Facebook account:

"It is with great ecstacy that I finally launch "TheIntellectual TutoringAcademy" officially! The academy is aimed at promoting EXCELLENCEY by using the famous 5P's strategy to obtain better grades which is basically "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance", to every learner in the country, which will subsequently increase their chances of being admitted to higher institutions!

Nkulumo The Student Actuary. TheIntellectual Picture
Nkulumo Ndhlovu 

Do not be comfortable with mediocre(average) while TheIntellectual can help you convert that average into excellence, bad to good, good to better, and better to best! Come witness education turned into EDU-TAINTERMENT (ENTERTAINMENT)! I make it all look easy, from content to past papers! You can still qualify for the course of your dreams black child, I mean..It always seems impossible until it is done! Didn't you hear? "Excellence is the new status!"❤️😅
Facebook Account of TheIntellectual Nkulumo Ndhlovu
Facebook Account of Nkulumo

Link to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theintellectual.nkulumosurprise

Services are available for Grades 11 and 12. Registrations close on the 10th day of EVERY month since it is continuous for the whole year. Register now with the Academy that can change your whole life!❤️📚

Article written by:  Brian (MBV)

Credit: Nkulumo Ndhlovu

*************** ALL THE BEST TO ALL GRADE 11 and 12s ******************** 


  1. My boys are doing Gr9 currently at Zithobeni High. As soon as they start Gr11...I will be definitely bringing my young boys to you Nkulumo. BIG UPS🙏🏽


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