United States President Joe Biden trips and falls during the Graduation at Colorado event

US President Joe Biden stumbled over a sandbag and collapsed during Thursday's US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado.

The picture showing Biden falling during graduations
The Fall of  US President Joe Biden

Afterwards, Biden walked unaided to his seat in the grandstand, so it seemed like he was alright. At the end of the event, he was seen sprinting toward his car while flashing a broad grin.

The president stepped off Marine One on Thursday night and immediately joked about being "sandbagged," according to the White House.

Biden had just finished giving a graduating speech to the academy's graduates when he started to fumble. He congratulated hundreds of cadets and handed them certificates for more than 90 minutes.

He was walking to his seat when he stumbled and fell. The president fell forward, landing on his right hip, and then using his right hand, he got to his feet.

Biden was helped to his feet by a group of guys who grabbed onto his arms, including an official from the Air Force Academy and two Secret Service personnel.

Biden, upon recovering his footing, indicated the spot on the ground where he had fallen by pointing in that direction. Sandbags were seen on video being put in front of the platform, not far from where Biden had been standing. Two teleprompters had been previously weighed down with the sandbags.

The president walked back to his place in the stadium without help and seemed happy as the event came to a close.

It's nothing to worry about. Communications director Ben LaBolt tweeted that a sandbag had been placed on stage as the president was greeting guests.

About an hour after tripping, the president left Colorado without answering reporters' inquiries about the incident.

Biden is the oldest candidate for president in U.S. history at age 80. He's fallen off his bike in public before, most recently in Delaware last year. He has also been said to have fallen while attempting to board Air Force One.

Despite such events, Biden's doctor has deemed him healthy enough to continue in his current position. Biden's doctor has evaluated the president's stiff walk in previous checkups and concluded that it is due to "wear and tear" alterations in Biden's spine.

Recent testing indicated no change in health status, except "perhaps tighter hamstrings and calves."

As proof of his energy and vitality, Biden's staff cites the many long days he spends travelling internationally.

As his political opponents have used his age as proof that he is unable to serve a second term, Biden did joke about it in his commencement address.

He remarked, "When I was graduating from high school 300 years ago, I applied to the Naval Academy," and the audience laughed.

During his address to the graduates of the United States Air Force Academy, Vice President Joe Biden underscored the need of continued US support for Ukraine and the essential role of US support for its friends and partners.

US President Biden warned that the cadets entering the military would have "a lot to cope with" because of the "proliferating" global issues they will face. These include Russia's invasion of Ukraine, geopolitical rivalry with China, climate change, and artificial intelligence.

He also lauded Ukraine's "wonderful" people and remarked on the "symbol of strength" that the United States worldwide alliances represent.

The American people's commitment to Ukraine is unwavering. Biden's statement that "we always stand up for democracies, always" was met with cheers.

This happened on graduation day, students will remember this for a lifetime. Some will even talk about this incident at their workplace. To some, it will be the highlight of their day.


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