How to apply for the SRD SASSA R350 grant 2023 in South Africa

 Individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties are intended to get temporary support via the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant provided by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The SRD SASSA grant application process may be a key first step in seeking financial assistance if you are in need and meet the requirements. This thorough guide will lead you through the SRD SASSA R350 grant application process and make sure you have all the information you need to submit a complete and effective application.

South African Social Security Agency

Recognizing the requirements for qualifying

It is essential to determine if you satisfy the requirements for the award before applying for the SRD SASSA R350 grant. The current essential qualifications for eligibility are as follows:

a) Citizenship: You need to be a refugee, a citizen of South Africa, or a permanent resident.

c) Your age should fall between the range of 18 and 60.

c) Income: Your household's income must be below a cap established by SASSA.

d) Unemployment: To qualify, you must be jobless and not in need of any other government help.

e) Asset limits: You shouldn't have a lot of big investments or assets.

f) For those looking for asylum: You must be a South African national seeking asylum and be in possession of a valid Section 22 permit or visa.


The following are additional points for eligibility:


You could be required to have a South African Special Permit in order to enter the nation as an immigrant (for either the Special Angolan Dispensation, the Lesotho Exemption Permit Dispensation, or the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Dispensation).

To pass the means test, you must earn R624 per month or less.

You obviously don't have enough money to support yourself.

At this moment, you are not qualified for any more government aid.

Neither you nor another person may make a contribution to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

You must not unreasonably reject offers of employment or education.

Stipends from the NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) are ineligible for consideration.

Prior to starting the application process, make sure you have carefully reviewed the eligibility requirements to ensure that you satisfy them.

Compiling the necessary paperwork to submit an SRD SASSA R350 grant application

You will need a number of certain papers to prove your eligibility and provide personal information in order to submit your application successfully. The following list of papers may be required:


a) Identification: A current passport, South African ID, or asylum seeker papers

b) Evidence of residency: a power bill or any other document with your present address on it.

c) Bank statement: A recent bank statement that shows your earnings and outgoings

d) Documents proving your unemployment (Affidavit), such as a letter of layoff or a letter from your prior company, are acceptable forms of proof.

e) Income and expenses: any documentation that supports your claim and demonstrates your present financial condition, such as paystubs, invoices, or evidence of other sources of income.


It is essential to compile the necessary records and confirm that they are correct and up-to-date. The criteria for these documents are subject to change. For changes to documentation requirements, always be sure to visit the SASSA website.

Finalizing the online form

The SASSA website and the SASSA mobile application are both options for submitting an online application to be considered for the SRD SASSA R350 award. To finish your application, adhere to the following steps:

a) Go to the SASSA website: Go to the SASSA website ( and find the part on how to apply for SRD grants.

b) Register: If you don't already have an account, register one by entering your email address and choosing a strong password.


b) Complete the application form: Include correct and thorough information in the application form, including financial, contact, and personal data.

d) submit supporting documents: scan or take a picture of the needed records and submit them as attachments in the appropriate areas.

e) Review and submit: Carefully go through your application to make sure that all of the data and supporting documentation are correct and comprehensive. In order to complete your application, click the submit button.

Follow-up after submitting an application for the SRD SASSA r350 grant

Once your application has been filed, it is critical to keep an eye on it and be aware of any developments. Here are some actions you may take after submitting your SRD SASSA grant application for the R350 award:


Check the progress of your application by logging onto your SASSA account and doing so often. You will get updates on whether your application has been accepted, processed, or approved. How to check your status can be found here.

b) Contact SASSA: You may get in touch with SASSA directly via their hotline or go to the SASSA office that is closest to you for assistance if you have any issues or questions regarding your application.

c) Have patience: The lengthy application procedure may be necessary owing to the large number of applicants. Please be patient while SASSA carefully examines your submission.

Final comments about the SRD SASSA r350 grant application process

For people and families who are struggling financially, applying for the SRD SASSA award might be a temporary lifeline. Your chances of getting the help you need might be improved by comprehending the eligibility requirements, collecting the required paperwork, carefully filling out the online application, and following up on your application. Keep up with the latest developments, exercise patience, and contact SASSA if you want any help.

The RSD SASSA Grant is almost like doing a remote job while not actually doing the job. You just get paid for not working. There are a lot of people who speak against the RSD SASSA Grant saying it should be terminated and South Africans need to work for themselves. What are your thoughts on all of this? 


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