How to Write The Best Cover Letter that will maximize your chances of getting the job that you want

 In today's competitive employment market, cover letters are essential. They assist in filling out your resume and provide you with additional opportunities to elaborate on your professional qualifications, allowing you to submit an application that is uniquely suited to you. This, however, is the catch: If your cover letter doesn't seem nice and professional, it won't matter how well-written the content is. It's the first thing a hiring manager or HR representative will look at. Cover letters may help you get an interview by making you appear organized and capable. If you get this wrong, your application will be immediately rejected. However, the "no pile" may be eliminated with your assistance in only five minutes. The correct format for a cover letter is discussed, as are several sample formats for cover letters.

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write the best cover letter

Fran Watts

98 Old Park Road


SE15 4TY


31st July 2022


Michael Smith

Recruitment Manager

Amplify Solutions

The Printworks

104-108 Clapham Road




Dear Mr Smith,

 Having worked in B2B software sales for over ten years, I was thrilled to read that you were hiring a B2B software sales account manager. I am certain that I can contribute to the continued growth of Mobility Solutions as a specialist in bespoke solutions for Sol. In my current position, I was able to boost quarterly sales by 50 percent by realizing that our important clients were concentrating too much on London and shifting their emphasis to consumers in other regions of the nation.

I also recovered five deactivated sales accounts for the company. I reached out to them, learned about their concerns, and proposed a reduction in the rates they were paying to our competitors. For almost a year, these accounts generated almost £150,000 in revenue. According to what I've heard, Ampility plans to expand its operations in France and Belgium after purchasing Le Fleur S.A.

 Because of my familiarity with the Francophone market and my command of the French language, I am certain that I can help you make the most of this fresh opportunity. This is a fantastic opportunity to join Ampility at a time of tremendous growth. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience, and thank you again for your consideration of my application. It would be nice to be able to say that I consistently win new business thanks to my in-depth understanding of my competition and my customers' wants and needs.

 Best regards,

Fran Watts.

1. Basic cover letter layout


Examples of cover letter formats:

Keep your line spacing to one space, or 1.15 spaces.

Separate the different parts of your cover letter, such as the welcome, the body, and the closing, with blank lines.

Keep one-inch margins on both sides to give your material some breathing room.

If you want to seem professional, choose a legible font. Garamond, Didot, and Tahoma are all great font choices for a resume and cover letter.

Be sure your cover letter is of sufficient length to be effective. If you must write more than one page, stop.


By adhering to these guidelines, you may increase the likelihood that your cover letter will be viewed with interest by hiring managers.

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Tips to Write the best cover letter

2. How to layout a cover letter section-by-section

Both your name and the name of the hiring manager should be included in the letter's headline. Both the procedure and the completed result are shown below for your reference.

Please use the proper format for your contact information. Then, after the date (31 July 2021, not 31/07/21) and a blank line, make sure the date is formatted properly.

Finally, make sure the name, title, and contact information for the recruitment manager are centred and aligned to the left.


Your cover letter's introduction, or opener, shouldn't need any thought. When sending a cover letter or resume, you should always start with "Dear Mr. or Mrs." then include the hiring manager's name. One tried and true method of getting there is via the use of "personalization" in advertising.

Extra factors to think about:

Use "Dear Recruiting Manager" if you can't find the hiring manager's name.

In the absence of a more specific addressee, "Dear [first name] [surname]" will suffice.

Use "Ms." as a stand-in if you don't know the proper title for a female. Assuming someone's marital status is rude and outdated.

The hiring manager's interest has to be piqued within the first paragraph. Think about how quickly they may go on to the next applicant if the introduction doesn't impress them. But maybe you can avoid it if you follow my advice.

In the opening line, introduce yourself and mention the job for which you are applying. Showing that you care enough about the job to customize your cover letter speaks volumes.

Then, use a notable professional achievement to "catch" the reader and show how well you meet the position's requirements.

Two inside parentheses

You've made a great first impression, but now it's time to prove your value to the potential employer. You can learn all you need to know about the position by reading the advertisement. Describe your professional accomplishments in response to the question.

The most effective approach is to back up your claims of having contributed to the business's success with numbers. Do not claim your accomplishments without providing evidence.

Showing your interest in the organization and the role you're applying for can help you stand out from the competition. Look for anything about the community that piques your curiosity enough to convince you to join. Keep your excitement in check. This is especially important if you have all the necessary skills for the position but no relevant work experience.

Finally, explain the reason for your late arrival to the recruiting manager. Then, ensure that the subsequent step is clear. You should ask for further information from the hiring manager if you want to go on with the interview process. You may increase your chances of getting an interview by asking for one. If there is anything else noteworthy that you have accomplished in your professional life, please include it here.


The first step in making your cover letter stand out is formatting it in accordance with the UK's standard for business correspondence. You have two choices for your last comment.

With best regards, or (if no name was given) the name of the sender.

Put "yours honestly" if you don't want your identity revealed.

The next step is to provide some kind of personal information and maybe a digital signature.

Email samples of cover letters

Email cover letters do not need to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. That means you'll need to make some adjustments to your original strategy. This is the proper format for an email cover letter:

The three-letter subject title is meaningless, but you should still consider it. Since there are always several signals waiting for us, prompt identification is crucial. Your name and the post you're applying for should be in the subject line. Take "Fran Watts'" application for the position of "Accounts Manager" as an example.

A cover letter is unnecessary if your email signature contains contact details and other distinguishing traits. 


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