Daily Job Updates: 18 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

 While finances are tight—for example, while saving for a down payment, getting married, having a kid, or sending a child to college—a part-time job may be a lifesaver.

Those looking for a part-time job may pick and choose from a variety of options. The federal minimum wage is often lower than what is paid for many part-time occupations. Right now, you may undertake one of these 20 high-paying part-time jobs.

There are some hourly, shift-based, and flexible jobs available, and many full-time jobs may be converted to part-time with the appropriate sort of bargaining. Part-time workers are occasionally promoted to full-time positions.

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  1. Personal Shopper

The median hourly salary is $13.85.

Both satisfying existing consumers and finding ways to bring in new ones are essential duties. You have extensive knowledge of several companies and the services they provide. Suggest more items you think the customer might like.

Candidates should ideally have either a high school diploma or GED.

2. Receptionist 

Hourly wages are typically approximately $14.75.

Knowledgeable receptionists are in high demand in a variety of industries. Carry out clerical tasks such as greeting guests, answering phones, replying to emails, entering data, and taking messages for supervisors.

Employers want to see a high school diploma or equivalent on a resume. Good organizational and communicative skills are essential for success in this sector.

3. Security Officer 

Hourly wages average $14.76.

A security guard's principal responsibility is to keep watch on the premises at all times. Security personnel may be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to conducting random patrols, identifying and reporting suspicious activity, reporting security breaches, and monitoring surveillance video.

Requirements In most cases, a bachelor's degree is the bare minimum requirement for entry. Some companies stipulate that applicants must be able to legally drive and pass a criminal background check.

4. Bank teller

Hourly wages average $14.83.

Employees in this role are the first to welcome members when they visit the credit union and are available to answer any questions they may have. Process a high volume of deposits and withdrawals for customers.

Must be numerate and able to complete the bank's training program successfully.

5. Customer Service Representative

The primary duty of this $14.87 per hour employment is telephone customer service. Face-to-face, over the phone, via email, or in real-time via a website's chat feature are just some of the many possible mediums for a discussion. Customer care representatives listen to consumers and relay their feedback to the right teams.

Entry-level professions in the banking and insurance industries often just need a high school diploma or its equivalent; however, in certain circumstances, a license is required.

6. A worker at a storage facility

Warehouse employees get an average hourly wage of $17.17. Workers at a warehouse perform a range of functions, including receiving, inspecting, and storing goods. Maintain a clean and well-stocked warehouse at all times. Some of your warehouse duties may include utilizing machinery or a computer.

A bachelor's degree may be required. expert in moving and handling huge animals.

7. Administrative assistant

Hourly wages average $17.25.

Executives at all levels of a business rely on administrative assistants for assistance. Tasks in this position include responding to emails, setting up appointments, and entering data into a database.

Administrative assistants are needed by all firms, and although a high school certificate or GED is sufficient, a bachelor's degree is often preferred.

8. Delivery Driver

This work pays an average of $17.50 per hour, and the key duties include the safe pickup and transportation of parcels. The duties of a delivery driver might range from planning the most efficient routes to maintaining accurate records of all deliveries.

Every time you make a delivery, you'll need to show your driver's license. Many companies prefer, and some may even insist upon, employing people with clean driving records.

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9. Construction Worker 

The median salary is $17.50 per hour.

Experts in the construction industry depend on a wide variety of tools and machines. Working together, they do whatever task is assigned to them by their superiors.

Workers in the construction industry need to be physically fit so that they can lift and move heavy objects. To advance in their jobs, construction workers might get credentials that will allow them to operate more complex machinery.

Earning an average of $19.11 per hour, the No. 10 brand promoter is responsible for making a good impression on clients and promoting the brand. Distribute marketing materials to prospective customers. Help your customers by answering their inquiries and informing them of upcoming sales.

A high school diploma or its foreign equivalent is often a minimum educational requirement in today's competitive job market.

10. Earnings for a finance director average $19.84 per hour.

Bookkeepers' major duty, whether they work for a person or a company, is to maintain reliable financial records. All transactions must be recorded as soon as possible. The bookkeeper should also handle tax filings and money deposits.

A four-year college diploma is necessary, preferably in accounting or a related field.

11. Personal Driver

The average hourly pay is $20.21.

Getting people to their destinations quickly and easily is a primary goal. Provide first-rate service to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of all passengers. As a responsible driver, you should always choose the shortest option that also produces the least amount of pollution.

Possessing a dependable vehicle, a valid driver's license and an impeccable driving record are all prerequisites.

12. Nanny

Wages are $20.62 per hour on average.

Regular childcare arrangements must be made by employees. Caregivers are responsible for preparing meals, cleaning up after them, and tucking them into bed. In addition to picking up and dropping off kids to school and extracurricular activities, they may also be asked to help with homework and keep an eye on recess and after-school events.

Prior childcare experience is ideal, and reliable transportation is required.

13. Freelancer 

Wages average $22.81 per hour.

Normal Duties People who work as freelancers are self-employed and get money directly from their clients. Freelancers may be found in a wide variety of professions, from the arts to the sciences. Their only responsibility is to find new customers and handle all monetary transactions with them.

There might be a wide range of requirements among independent contractors.

14. Tutors 

make $24.90 per hour, on average.

Normal Duties Asking children what they find difficult is a great way to encourage them to work toward improvement. Take a look at the student's most recent assignment to figure out where they need improvement. Talk to your mom and dad about how you feel.

Candidates need to show they have access to dependable transportation as well as pass a drug test and a background check.

15. Mail Carrier

This profession often delivers and returns mail and packages for a starting hourly wage of $25.86. All correspondence must go through proper procedures, and recipients must be kept updated on delays. Make sure to get a signature from the recipient before handing over any packages.

You'll need to have passed a battery of tests and, preferably, have a diploma or GED before applying.

16.  Real Estate Agent

 Hourly wages average $40.67.

Your job is to prospect and network to bring in new business. Accompany clients on property tours and help them narrow down their options using your expertise. Show buyers how to speed up the selling process by staging their homes. During contract discussions, provide the best terms to the consumer you can.

A current and active real estate license is required as proof of qualification.

Prospects for Occupational Therapists, Who Make $44.29 an Hour on Average You need to probe appropriately to learn about the patient's condition, tolerance, and hopes. Always double-check your treatment plans with your doctor. Help patients and keep them updated on the treatment's progress. The patient, their doctor, and their loved ones may all be included in the reports you generate.

A master's degree and state license are prerequisites for entering the field of occupational therapy.

A speech therapist's typical hourly wage is $48.42, and their tasks include assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients who are having trouble with their voices. Adapt your method of treatment to the specific needs of your patient. Engage in one-on-one or small-group conversations with your customers. Consult with other doctors and healthcare providers to evaluate current treatments and develop new, more effective ones.

In the United States, speech therapists need valid licenses to practice.

Working part-time allows you the flexibility to pursue other passions or pursue other income opportunities. This is a lucrative industry, but others could be a better match for you.




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