14 Best Jobs for Teenagers to Consider for the Future

 Teenagers have a natural inclination to work, but they also have a lot of other commitments, such as school and extracurricular activities. Having a part-time job may help teenagers get valuable work experience and some financial independence. There is a large pool of older workers prepared to serve as mentors to younger employees.

We provide arguments and examples to support the claim that certain occupations are well-suited for young adults.

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What kinds of jobs make the most sense for young people?

Because most youngsters devote their weekdays to school, weekend and after-hours occupations are excellent. Young individuals with little work experience might greatly benefit from many of these part-time positions. Also, depending on the nature of their employment, young employees may be able to choose their own hours to accommodate their academic and extracurricular commitments.

Taking on one of these projects today might help you gain transferable abilities that are relevant to any career path. Furthermore, you may gain valuable job experience that can be highlighted in your CV.

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Top 14 Jobs for High School Students

Teenagers may find a wide variety of work experiences and careers to pursue. Teens may develop their communication, technical, and customer service skills via on-the-job training. Here are some quick links to some of Indeed's most up-to-date wage guides:

The average hourly wage for kennel assistants in the United States is $12.08.

Kennel assistants often work at veterinary clinics and with animal rescue organizations, caring for rescued dogs and cats. They'll take care of every aspect of the animals' needs, from feeding and medicine administration to grooming. They may also be responsible for checking in and greeting clients who bring their pets for boarding.

2. Fast Food Restaurants

Hourly wages in the US average $12.36.

Fast food workers are responsible for taking orders, preparing and delivering food, and cleaning up after customers. It's probable that they'll be able to accept orders from consumers in the store as well as those who use the drive-thru. Employees at fast food restaurants should be familiar with the ingredients in their menu items. Tables, floors, doors, and windows must also be wiped down while cleaning the lobby and restrooms.

3. Cashier at a Grocery Store

The average hourly wage in the US is $12.99.

In a supermarket, a cashier is responsible for scanning and bagging customers' purchases, accepting payments, and giving customers their change. Cashiers at supermarkets often have other responsibilities, such as restocking shelves, counting inventory, and directing shoppers in the right direction.

4. Car Wash

The average hourly wage in the US is $13.20.

The primary responsibilities of a car wash attendant include cleaning, polishing, and shining vehicles. They will clean the inside and outside of your vehicle. In addition, you will need to empty the garbage, vacuum the car's interior, wash the automobile with soap and water, and dry it off.

5. Waiters and waitresses 

The average hourly wage in the US is $13.35.

Among a host's or hostess' primary responsibilities is showing guests their seats. They are in charge of assigning guests to their preferred tables and ensuring that the restaurant's wait staff is adequately staffed at all times. You might also be expected to take messages, help customers make bookings, and answer any queries over the phone.

6. Baristas

In the United States, baristas make a median hourly wage of $13.75.

The primary responsibility of a barista at a coffee shop is to prepare coffee and espresso drinks for customers. They'll learn about popular cocktails, then prepare those drinks for consumers. A barista's responsibilities encompass more than just serving customers; they also include keeping the lobby clean, greeting guests, and answering questions about the menu.

7. Lifeguard 

The median hourly wage for a lifeguard in the United States is $13.80.

A lifeguard's primary responsibility is to monitor the safety of swimmers at aquatic facilities such as beaches and public pools. Besides saving anyone who is in danger, lifeguards are also responsible for making sure swimmers are following safety rules. They have been properly educated and evaluated on their proficiency in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and other crucial safety techniques. Swim tests are required for lifeguard positions. The American Red Cross stipulates that participants must be at least 15 years old before enrolling in a lifeguard training program.

8. Concession Stand Worker

U.S. workers may expect to earn $14.19 per hour on average.

Concession stand workers' primary responsibility is to provide attendees of various events with food and beverages. They will serve customers by taking orders, accepting payments, and providing change. Workers at concession stands are obliged to maintain a neat and tidy appearance at all times.

9. Retail Salesperson

The median hourly wage for a retail salesperson in the United States is $14.38.

The main responsibility of a retail sales associate is to generate sales through interaction with consumers. In addition to maintaining a clean and orderly shop, they must also help clients with returns and exchanges.

10. Restaurant Server

The median hourly wage for wait personnel in the United States is $15.22.

A server's primary responsibility at a restaurant is to receive orders from patrons and relay those requests to the kitchen. Servers are expected to do more than simply bring customers their orders; they are also accountable for ensuring their total satisfaction. Servers may assist patrons in finding their seats, clearing and resetting their tables, and settling their accounts in the absence of hostesses.

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11. House cleaner

Housekeepers in the US can expect to earn a typical hourly income of $16.65.

Cleaning the house or a particular room in it is one of the main responsibilities of a housekeeper. Sweeping, vacuuming, drying and washing clothes, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, wiping down cabinets, and washing dishes are just a few of the many duties that fall under the umbrella of "housekeeping."

12. Dog walker

Dog walkers earn a median hourly income of $17.16 throughout the country.

Dog walkers are people who look after pets while their owners are at work. They'll take the dogs out for walks, fill their water bowls, and make sure they get to and from their homes in one piece. The weather shouldn't stop dog walkers from taking their pups out every day.

13. Babbysitter

A babysitter in the US may often make $20.98 per hour.

A babysitter's main job description is to keep an eye on the kids while the parents are out. They could be in charge of making sure kids have access to things like food, transportation, and personal hygiene goods. Training in CPR and first aid may help babysitters and nannies better care for children in the event of an emergency.

14. Tutor

In the United States, a tutor can expect to earn an average hourly income of $24.78.

One of the key responsibilities is working one-on-one with students to help them learn more about a certain topic. To help a student who is having difficulty with a specific topic, they may rearrange the material into more manageable chunks. Tutors aid their charges' education by studying with them and breaking down complex concepts into more digestible bits.



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